Utility Software for the Parental Control over Child’s Internet Use

We never thought that raising a child will be associated with so many dangers lurk on the Internet. There are a lot of life situations where the child is capable of making a mess, but then out of nowhere, another problem arose – kids got to the Internet. And there are a lot of dangers waiting for them, which they most likely do not even know about.

As a problem solution, parental control programs together with keylogger are designed to create limits for kids. What is more, they are developed to ensure kids safety and to protect them from information that perhaps a child is too young to know and see. One of the main tasks of the application is the creation of a websites filter. It’s very simple: a child can visit one page; however, other specific websites are just blocked.

How This Control Works

Usually, there are two options constraints. The application works with a database which contains adult sites, pages with violent content or any other information that can be harmful for kids. It is advisable that the list is regularly updated via the Internet, or the appearance of new resources quickly makes defense irrelevant. The administrator of keylogger software or, in this case, parents can expand the black list of sites at their pleasure. Quite often a more stringent way of control is applied – the creation of a “white list”. Hence, a child can visit only those websites that his parents “opened” to him. The main disadvantage of this kind of control is an excessive strictness or even cruelty.

Another method of parent control is to filter the displayed content of the sites. For this, you specify a set of keywords, and if any of them is found the list on a webpage, it does not open. Ensuring safety of a child in front of a computer is not only in websites access restriction. There is one or even a group of risks – instant messaging programs. Since a kid is naive, it is possible for him to inadvertently tell a stranger your personal data. Attackers are cunning; they pretend to be peers and casually ask tricky questions. However, keystroke recorder can analyze the information sent from the computer. If there certain keywords are sent, such as address, phone number or school, sending messages blocks immediately.

What to Do if There Are Many Children in a Family?

In case several children in a family have computers connected to the internet, how to protect the younger generation from the negative consequences of staying on the net? The first and the most important thing is that the computer should not stand in the nursery. Best of all is that the pc is in a room where someone of parents can constantly monitor the child’s Internet use. Otherwise, a kid may lock the room, and you might even not guess what movies a child downloaded and if he visited pages with erotic content.

It may be obvious to many, but it is all about education. The child must be “shown” the Internet and making him interested in useful information and websites to explain what you can do online and what not. We can not agree to meet strangers; we can not disclose personal information; we can not independently make purchases in online stores. Nevertheless, in case you do not want to risk, just use a software that will block all the harmful content and prevent all possible issues associated with kid’s internet use.