What Does Keylogger Mean?

A simple analysis of the word keylogger on the components will give us a clear answer to the question of its meaning. «Key» is a button, and «logger» is a device for event registration. That is a means used to register each press on the computer keyboard is called a keylogger. This tool is usually special software, but hardware device with the same features will also be called a keylogger.

Keylogger’ main options

Usually keylogger software monitors three types of information:

  • Manipulation of the keyboard;
  • Pressing the mouse buttons;
  • The exact time of each press.

However, these functions of spyware are basic, and existing in an environment with a quite explicit competition, developers are trying to expand their list. For example, spyware programs are able to take screenshots, follow the information that the user puts on the clipboard, lead statistics of visited web pages and so on. Properly installed spy on the computer generates virtually all of the information about the user, his interests and current activities. All collected data (interception of communications, passwords, screenshots, and statistics of visited sites) keystroke recorder typically transmits to the remote computer. It can send data via e-mail, FTP, and send information on any wireless communication channels, if the distance between the object and the subject of observation is small.

Where Keylogger  Can Be Used

Wherever you use spyware application, at home or at work, software will help you to monitor employees or children. Keyboard spy will not only help to preserve the peace of mind, but also to take your business and children under the protection.

When managing organization it is important to always be alert, in order to protect the interests of the company.  Keyboard spy makes a detailed log of employees’ activity. This makes it possible to limit the factors of diversion on the workplace and protect the interests of business in the best way. Invisible spy program enables you to monitor employees, in order to be sure that there is no leakage of information, and at the same time – allows you to block access to social networks.

Spyware application also helps to protect children from bad influences on the Internet and protect the business by giving the assurance that worker will not give valuable information to competitors. It is extremely important to be aware of computer and Internet activity of employees and children. The application helps to keep the situation under control and prevent any risk of time.

How To Protect Yourself From Keylogger

With all its versatility keyloggers are the weapons for which there will always be an effective means of countering. If you are afraid that you might become a victim of spyware that wants to track your activity on social networks and messengers, stealing passwords and finding out other personal information, you can use special anti-keyloggers. These programs monitor the processes, capturing the data entered and block them. In addition, the most important messages can be sent from the virtual keyboard, the manipulations of which are usually unavailable for keyloggers.