What is keylogger

A Keylogger is an application that will allow you to monitor other computers through the reading information from a keyboard. If you use them correctly, they will give you a lot of advantages. But they should not be abused. There are two basic types of key loggers. The first type is a special application that is installed on a computer and reads information from its keyboard.

The second type is a small device, which is mechanically installed between the computer and its keyboard. The principle of their work is that you can monitor all the processes on your computer, reading keystroking processes on computer. They can be installed on various computers with different operating systems.

Main principle of their work

This device will provide you with an ability to track all processes and get almost all the information from monitored device. You can find out all logins and passwords stored on the computer, check browser history, access your messages on social networks and on email. In short, you will be able to know everything that happens on that computer. But to avoid any legal problems with using such tools, you need to obtain user’s consent.

How can they help you?

Keylogger can be used in almost all spheres of life, including family, work, safety and relationships. These programs are serious effect on each of these areas. Let’s look at examples. For all of us kids are the most important thing in our life. And it is very important to control them and properly educate. Today most children spend a huge amount of time on their computers. Every parent should know what his child does in the Internet, since the Internet can be either a source of knowledge or a source of harm and danger. So with the help of keystroke recorders it will be effortlessly to monitor what your child does on the Internet.

The next example is job. Do you know what your subordinates do in their spare time? How productive their work? This device (or soft) will allow you to control all your subordinates’ actions easily. It is important not only to improve staff’s productivity, but also to avoid industrial espionage. This way you will be able to prevent the sharing of trade secrets with third parties.

Also you can ensure your computer’s safety. If you forgot your username and password, with such recorder you can easily restore the lost information. It can also protect your computer from hacking

Not everyone approves keyloggers’ using in relationships, but in a pinch you can find out if your girlfriend or wife is faithful.

But despite all the advantages of such programs, they can bring harm. Attackers often use keyloggers to access the confidential information with which they can commit such fraud, as hacking credit cards or databases.

So we see that keyloggers can be used for good purposes and for criminal. Because of this, to them has an ambiguous attitude in society. But the most important is to remember that everything should be in moderation.