Why do we need a program to “free keylogger” on people?

Today, it is hardly difficult to surprise anyone with the word “keylogger.” Modern technologies allow to invisibly track over users of the World Wide Web, to collect the necessary information, to read someone else’s conversations, and so on. Nowadays, applications providing such a functionality have a huge popularity among people no matter what’s the purpose of their use. But what exactly forces people to use this program and why is it so beneficial for the users? Let us get all this straightened out.

Case #1 – Surveillance of Employees

Can be there any leader who would not want to track the actions of his subordinates? There is definitely none who would refuse a chance to keep tabs on what his employees do. And, of course, if all the employees of the company possess a responsible attitude to work, there is no need to use free keylogger software. But, unfortunately, quite often workers take some time off from their duties. Instead of working hard, they sit in social networks, playing games, watching videos, and chatting, and only keylogger can confirm or deny your suspicions. Thus, the application will allow you to make sure that everyone in your team takes care of business and doesn’t waste time and money of the company.


Case #2 – Surveillance of Children

Teenage kids move away from their parents, and, unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about it. They reject any kind of control; excessive parental guardianship leads to the fact that almost a grown man starts to rebel. But any father or mother wishes nothing but the best for their kid. Therefore, quietly tracking over children’s activity on the Internet is not only possible but even necessary. In this way, you will not only learn a lot about your daughter or son but also will be able to prevent the occurrence of some undesirable situations. The main advantage of using this kind of software is that you can filter some potentially harmful websites from visiting by your child. By setting specific filters, you can block particular pages assuring a normal mental development of your kid. No matter what’s your purpose of using spying software, remember that the ends justify the means!